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The Company LÄGLER

For more than 60 years we have been an independent family business, now in its 2nd generation, which stands for innovation, quality, customer orientation and sustainability.

Experience with dynamics

Our floor sanding machines are not just machines. They are the result of the experiences lived by us and our customers. Every day we scrutinize the quality of our products and continuously try to adapt them even better to the needs and challenges of our customers.



Comprehensive know-how

Decades of experience in production, combined with countless practical tests on construction sites and our own research department, have made us the leading manufacturer of floor sanding machines.



Worldwide presence

With our locations in Germany and the USA, a total of over 100 employees, as well as sales partners on all continents, our machines are now in use in over 120 countries.

We support craftsmen all over the world so that they always achieve the best results with the least possible use of resources.

Our Premium Sanding Training (PST®), offered in Germany, United Kingdom and the USA, offers craftsmen the opportunity for advanced training. This way we create quality standards for our customers and their customers



On the road worldwide - produced regionally

Although our machines are in operation on all five continents, they are produced exclusively at our factory in Güglingen in Germany with an in-house production rate of approx. 80%. The raw materials and components required for this are largely manufactured and procured from regional suppliers.


This has significant advantages:

✔ shorter transport routes reduce the associated environmental impact

optimal quality control throughout the entire production process

short reaction times and high production flexibility

safeguarding of jobs in our region