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Choose which of our machines suits you best!

No job site is like any other. Different requirements demand different solutions. And we offer them!

Surface Sanding


Worldwide: known, used and admired across the globe! 

The HUMMEL® is powerful, efficient and reliable. With its optimal dust extraction you are able to work almost dust free.

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The efficient solution for commercial areas and public buildings, such as sports or industrial halls.

The SUPERHUMMEL is the first choice for the efficient sanding of large areas due to its powerful motor and its extra wide sanding drum.

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The first floor sanding machine developed by Eugen Lägler!

Due to its ease of operation and maintenance, it has proven its value in the rental business, especially in the centrifugal sanding drum version.

The ELF is also available with a conventional sanding drum.

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The lightweight and compact drum sanding machine!

Ideal for smaller surfaces and popular in the rental business.

Especially DIY enthusiasts like to rent the PROFIT, because it is easy to handle and transport.

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Fine Sanding


The three-disc sanding machine for perfect fine sanding!

Among other things, it is characterised by its extremely effective dust extraction
performance. Another highlight is the near-edge and direction-free sanding.

The TRIO is also versatile, extremely user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Its mode of operation enables sanding results with highest quality.

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The all-rounder in the floor treatment!

The combination of sophisticated technology, a powerful motor and specially developed accessories open up a wide range of possible applications.

Strong on wood and ideal for sub-floor treatment.

Sanding, padding, cleaning, milling - no problem for the SINGLE.


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Edge and Corner Sanding


The perfect solution for the treatment of edges and corners - and this almost dust-free!

Powerful, efficient and very user-friendly!

The FLIP® is also extremely versatile. The different attachments - short, long, corner or milling attachment - can be changed on the job site easily and quickly.

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The light and handy machine for the edge area and the treatment of wooden stairs!

It is small, particularly manoeuvrable and therefore also suitable for areas that are difficult to access.

With the long attachment, the ELAN can also be used to sand surfaces under radiators.

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The robust edge sanding machine - best suited for the edge area of large surfaces!

Equipped with a height-adjustable bracket, the UNICO can be used both kneeling and standing.

The low-maintenance and quiet running motor makes it a very reliable machine.

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